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Transition to Independent Living
Taft College Academic Calendar 2010-2011
TIL Calendar 2010-2011

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For information, contact:

Kathy Evarts has retired from the TIL Program, we will all miss her.
You can e-mail: or
call 661.763.7775 for continued support.
Jeff Ross,
Director, Student Support Services
  Sandy Popejoy,
Program Director
  Sandy popejoy

Mission Statement

The Transition to Independent Living Program endeavors to provide an environment with:
  • Enriching collegiate experiences
  • Interactive and inclusive environments
  • Learning outcomes transferable to lifelong productivity
  • Career education resulting in gainful employment
  • Self determination and knowledge of individual strengths
  • Empowerment through education
About the Program

The Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL) is a post-secondary educational experience for adults having developmental disabilities. The program provides instruction, training, and support on a community college campus. The program is comprehensive, with curriculum and training that promotes acquisition of the functional, social, and career skills necessary for students to live a productive and normalized lifestyle.

The program occupies 28 dorms in the Seventh Street residence hall, (one of two residence halls on the Taft Community College campus), a 2 bedroom apartment on campus and several- one to four bedroom homes in the community.

TIL began in August 1995, with funding from Kern Regional Center. The college serves as the sponsoring agency. TC has offered programs and special classes serving individuals with developmental disabilities since 1976. Staff for the TIL program include administrative, certificated and classified staff. The program maintains a staff ratio of 3:1.

Instructional hours are from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekend Support Staff are present from 7:30 a.m. –  6 p.m. The program is staffed seven days a week.

Students are responsible for paying a dorm rental fee which includes meals served in the Taft College cafeteria and all utilities except telephone. Each dorm room is supplied with a single bed, 2 dressers, storage area, and a desk. Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms for comfort and style.

Upon admission to the TIL Program, the student moves into a residence hall and begins instruction. The students participate in the program an average of 22 months. The program runs from August 1 through June 30.


Staff works with each student to establish realistic short-and long-term goals. Individual Program Plans (IPP's) are then written to assist students in attaining these goals.

Students are eligible for graduation when they complete the required course work and independently demonstrate the learned skills. At that time, the transition team staff assists graduates in transitioning into an independent living situation in their home community. The TIL program tracks graduates for a 10 year period to assess student outcomes.

*Graduates can use the Follow Up link at the bottom of the page to report changes with their contact information.

Requirements for Entry


Applicants for the program are selected from referrals made primarily by California Regional Centers, the Department of Rehabilitation, and high schools. Guidelines for making a referral are available as a link at the bottom or from the TIL Program Coordinator.

The following criteria are used to determine acceptance of a student into the program:

The applicant must...

be over 18 years of age

meet Regional Center criteria.

be able to function without attendant care.

have completed a high school or learning resource program.

not have a current or chronic history of arrest or probation.

be exempt from current or chronic history of inflicting physical harm to him/herself or others.

be free of any medical condition that is communicable by casual contact.

have an income equivalent to SSI's minimum rate for independent living.

give written consent to inform and include parents with issues posing a threat to independent living.

agree to attend and participate in the Taft College Career Education program and required classes.

possess self-help skills and be able to safely function in his/her own dormitory without direct supervision during non-program hours.

express desire to participate in the program. He/she must be motivated to live independently, agree to the timeframe of the program hours, agree to honor the TIL rules and to participate in training and instruction during those hours.

upon acceptance all students are on a probationary status until successful completion of one semester.

The pre-screening committee must agree that:

review of required intake information indicates the program to be educationally appropriate and the least restrictive environment for the applicant.

review of required intake information indicates the applicant's individual needs can be appropriately served by the program staff and/or community resources

Interview Process

An applicant who meets the requirements for entry will be scheduled for an on-site first interview. During the interview, applicants may be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of various independent living skills such as: following directions, interpreting schedules, menu planning, and explaining a basic budget.

The evaluation interview is necessary to assist the interview committee in determining whether the program would be an educationally appropriate and least restrictive environment for the applicant. The interview also serves to assess the applicant's motivation level, response to instructions, acceptance of supervision, ability to relate to others, and potential for graduating from the TIL program. Applicants will be notified within one month after the on-site interview if they have been placed on the second interview list. Placement on this list means that the applicant has the potential of being accepted into the TIL program. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the student.

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Graduate Follow-Up Link

  TIL graduates  
  TIL graduates  
  TIL Contact Information:
29 Emmons Park Drive
Taft, California 93268
(661) 763-7775 (TIL phone number)
(661) 763-7787 (TIL fax number)
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